How to Avoid Street Cleaning Fines if You Live in the City

I live in the city. Every other week, a little white car travels down my street followed by a street cleaning truck. The ‘officer’ in the little white car gets to write out a $20 ticket for every vehicle parked in the street cleaner’s way (yes, there are signs, but humans forget). After paying one or two or maybe a few more tickets, I started researching ways to be reminded about the street cleaner and found this free service. If you live in a city where the privilege of off-street parking is simply not available, or costs extra, here is the best way to avoid street cleaning fines.

Use TowMinder to Avoid Street Cleaning Fines

TowMinder is a free street cleaning reminder service. The guy who developed this website experienced the same ‘pain point’ as I (and I’m sure millions of others) experienced. To sign up, you simply have to fill out the form with your cell phone, cell phone company, and the street cleaning days for your street. Whoila! You now will get a text message to remind you to move your car, hopefully saving you pocketfuls of cash over time.

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