40 Day Blogging Fast

That’s how long it’s been since our last post here on Live Well Simply. It was somewhat unintentional. Blogging took a back seat to travel, work and moving. 🙂

During the last 40 days, the blog’s Alexa Rank took a dive to 700k and ad earnings were equally low with Amazon pulling in a mere $1.20 and Google’s ad network pulling in a slightly better $21.47 for the month of September. I’ve determined that these “income sources” are really just a good way to make my blogging and web development projects a zero cost way of having fun, ie they pay all my hosting and domain bills. The ‘real’ money is in creating genuine value for folks through my day job and small business venture(s).  That doesn’t mean I’m going to quit blogging. I don’t blog for money, but rather I enjoy blogging here on Live Well Simply as a means of sharing all the little ideas I discover to live better, more efficient and healthier lives.

The promised series on home buying is coming. I just have it on the back burner as the dust is still settling on our recent move. The next blog post will be about a nifty little device I used to bring my mom’s home phone service bill from $40/month to $0/month.

Stay tuned.

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