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Trip Report – Tokyo & LA – First Class JAL Experience

It all started with the AA devaluations. I decided I wanted to burn some miles on a 1st class experience before the ‘price’ jumped by several thousand miles and sooner rather than later. Deciding on a destination was based on … Continue reading

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Roof Repair vs Replacement

Roofs will all eventually wear out and need replacement. The question is, how do you know if your roof just needs a quick roof repair job or whether it needs to be completely replaced? If you replace your roof to … Continue reading

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How to Save Money on Heating – 10 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

We just paid for our first delivery of 100 gallons of heating oil, to the tune of $379. It is a temporary expense, since we hope to convert our 26 year old oil furnace to a gas burning one some … Continue reading

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Spend More Money On What You Want and Less On What You Don’t Care About

We all have that friend. The one who turns every conversation about debt into a sob story. They can’t stop talking about their awful credit card debt and horrible student loans. Meanwhile, they’re burning through credit card-financed chai lattes at … Continue reading

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