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How to Save Money on Heating – 10 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

We just paid for our first delivery of 100 gallons of heating oil, to the tune of $379. It is a temporary expense, since we hope to convert our 26 year old oil furnace to a gas burning one some … Continue reading

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Helping the Poor – Without Hurting Them

Should I Build Personal Wealth or Help the Poor? A creatively critical comment on my recent writings about saving and investing money, sparked the idea for the following post.  Chris commented that rather than focusing on improving our lives with … Continue reading

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High Gas Prices This Summer? Here’s how to Fight Back

It happens every summer. Fuel prices climb along side the rising summer temperatures here in the Northern Hemisphere. And, until we all start driving our hydrogen powered cars, our budgets will continue to need an ever expanding slot for gasoline … Continue reading

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