Should I Fix or Replace My Broken Computer?

It’s a question we ask ourselves when something major goes wrong with our computer — “Should I fix it, or just replace it altogether?” Purchasing a new computer is a fairly large expense, right up there with purchasing a flat screen TV or an appliance. Usually, we’ve stored all our irreplaceable pictures, documents, music and videos on the PC as well, now inaccessible due to something as simple as a cracked screen or a broken laptop power jack.

Fix or Replace? Get a Diagnosis

The first step you should take if your laptop or desktop pc has ‘bit the dust’ so to speak, is to get a diagnostic from a competent computer repair service. These guys will be able to determine which hardware components have failed or whether it is simply a software issue that can be repaired quickly with no parts necessary.

Software Issues – Fix vs Replace

Most software issues are caused by a virus or some other form of malware and can be resolved by a skilled technician in just an hour or two of shop time.  The technician uses specialized scanning software to scan the computer for specific types of malware. Once the software finds the malware, the virus or spyware is removed. Sometimes, the operating system has been damaged which will require additional repair work by the computer technician. If software is the only issue, and your computer is less than 5 years old, repairing your computer is definitely worth it.

Hardware Issues – Fix vs Replace

Hardware issues are a mixed bag. If your computer is a desktop, the components will be cheaper, and easier for a technician to access, so repairs will cost less. Laptop repairs can, in some cases, involve several hours of labor if a component attached to the main circuit board has failed requiring the complete replacement of the motherboard (as it is called). Other hardware repairs are trivial. These include: keyboard failure, optical drive failure and power cable failure. A few minutes at most is all that is required to replace these components, usually. Strictly replacing a hard drive takes a brief amount of time, but recovering data from the old drive and restoring the operating system, software and files on the new drive can take hours. If your laptop is less than 3 years old it is usually a good idea to repair it. Older than that, and the replacement cost starts to match the repair cost, meaning you should start shopping for a new machine.

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3 Responses to Should I Fix or Replace My Broken Computer?

  1. I really like your tip about getting a diagnosis. I think that whenever something goes wrong with your computer, getting an assessment of the damage can be really helpful. That way, you are able to know if you need to get a replacement or get it fixed.

  2. Danni Black says:

    You mentioned that most software issues are caused by a virus or some sort of malware problem. I am thinking that might be the case for my HP. I have tried to download some antivirus software but it hasn’t been working for me. My husband suggested taking it to a repair service and see if they can clear out the issues. I’ll have to keep this information in mind. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ivy Baker says:

    I liked that you pointed out that most software issues are caused by a virus. Recently, I have been thinking about getting a new laptop. It does seem like a good thing for me to know. It might be a good reason for me to get a good firewall on my computer.

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