How I Made $300 on the iPhone 4S in 24hrs

Recently, I was observing how popular the white iPhone 4S was among my wife’s female friends. I always keep an eye out for emerging markets and opportunities, so I started thinking. My cell phone contract of which I pay a percentage (family plan split five ways) was eligible for an upgrade. I looked at AT&T’s price point for the white 4S. There was no difference in price for white or black. Either color’s base model sold for $199.

“Aha, a missed opportunity by AT&T/Apple, but not by me”, I thought.

Bringing up eBay I quickly searched for current white iPhone listings that were about to finish their auction time. Last second bids were spiking these coveted items well above the $500 price point.

So, I got on the phone, ordered the in-demand electronic marvel and waited. A few days later, the box came. Unwrapping it, I quickly jail-broke the phone (to add potential for a few more dollars at auction) and promptly listed it on eBay.

24 hours later, I’d made $300 after all my shipping, eBay fees and initial purchase price+shipping were all taken care of. No, I don’t have the bragging rights of having the latest white hot Apple item in my pocket. Instead, I’m $300 richer, thanks to other folks’ desire to have the latest in tech at any cost.

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